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May 11, 2021 4 min read


Why Concrete?

There are several distinct advantages to using concrete which when combined, make it one of the best overall choices for a whole host of commercial or residential applications. With nearly 20 years of experience, we at Oso Industries are confident we can help you create nearly any concrete furniture piece or architectural element you can think of. 



Looking for something bespoke or need something that can fit your uniquely-shaped space? No problem - concrete can be formed into just about any shape so you are not limited by the slab size or thickness. Not only that, but concrete can also be formed in 3D, allowing you the freedom to create anything from large aprons and integral sinks to drink rails and more. We can even go to you and cast-in-place, allowing us to make huge pieces without seams as well as avoiding the logistics of installing large pieces.




Looking for something colorful? Need us to match a color swatch? Concrete can be colored to just about any shade and the pigments are integrally mixed into the concrete so they won’t fade over time. On top of custom colors, there is also an infinite variety of aggregates that can be mixed in to create custom terrazzos. 


Concerned about sustainability? Environmentally, concrete countertops are also much better than stone as the countertops do not use any toxic materials and we can cast the tops exactly to the size, so there is no “cut-off” waste or unused material as there is with stone slabs.




Is Concrete durable? Can it withstand repeated cleaning and heavy usage?Concrete is a hard and dense material so naturally it's extremely durable but in the event of some kind of damage, it’s also easily repairable. Most of our applications are sealed with either apenetrating sealer, which allows for a natural finish that will patina over time, or atopical coating, which will provide a lot of surface protection and create a barrier for any liquids or staining materials to get into the concrete. The sealed concrete products will be protected for years to come, but if after time the pieces should ever need to be resealed, they can always be done so.




Isn’t Concrete Crazy Heavy? Everyone thinks the tops are crazy heavy but they are not typically any heavier than natural stone. We can also hand trowel the concrete onto surfaces, so we can trowel the backsplash to match the countertops for cast in place, or precast backsplash panels or tiles for precast countertops.

What is the difference between Pre-Cast Concrete & Cast-In-Place?

Precast concretemeans that the tops, architectural elements or objects are cast in our shop and brought to be installed as finished pieces at your location. We can hone and polish the concrete in our shop so it is super smooth and uniform. We can also machine polish and process the concrete to be very crisp and sharp. This process also allows us to createterrazzo finishes, which can be infinitely customized. Using our mold making expertise, we can create most any design in concrete as a precast piece. Precast concrete is also very dense so the color is flat and even, making it the perfect material to use for any integrally-cast sink and/or countertop, as well as for architectural elements likefireplaces


Cast-in-place is where cast counters and surfaces on-site by making the molds to cast the concrete into place so you can avoid the cost and hassle of transportation and logistics. Additionally, cast-in-place lets us make pieces that are monolithic, no matter the size, allowing for a great deal of experimentation with interesting details such as monolithic waterfall sides where the countertop turns down the side of the cabinets to the floor. When we cast countertops in place, we also hand trowel the surfaces so they have a beautifully-mottled surface with an organic variety of lighter and darker areas and a smooth-to-the-touch texture. 


What is the overall Design & Fabrication process like? How long does it take? Our process is broken down into 4 phases:

  • Consultation: this includes but is not limited to a review of plans, site visits, production of shop drawings, .etc as needed.
  • Selection: Choice and review of color swatches, material, finish and sealing selection. 
  • Fabrication: Typically takes 5 weeks for pre-cast jobs but are subject to availability.
  • Installation: Usually takes 2 weeks on-site but is subject to availability.


This all sounds great and I have a project in mind. What are the next steps and some of the more important details to consider when getting custom concrete work done?

Because the entire piece is customizable, there are a lot of detailed options to choose from. The color choices are far wider than with any other material, the edges can be done in a number of profiles and roundovers and the tops can be made as thin as 1.25" or as thick as is desired. You can also opt for a traditional straight edge but the pieces are not limited to that as we also offer rounder, molded options as well. 




If you need inspiration, you can head over to ourArchitectural Elements Projects page and see all of the work we have done in both residential and commercial settings. Already know what you want and looking to get started? Contact us today to discuss your ideas, we'd love to hear them. Reach out to us via email or call us by phone at(347) 987-4526!


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