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March 04, 2022 2 min read


The Project:

One Clinton is a rare collection of modern homes inspired by the historic and graceful surroundings of Brooklyn Heights. With its grand proportions, hand-crafted limestone façade and meticulously-designed interiors, One Clinton is an iconic addition to one of the city’s most beloved neighborhoods. Designed by Marvel Architects, the space will feature an expansive double-height reading room, a light-filled children’s area and an amphitheater.



While you may have read our blog entitled,3D Aperiodix Panels for One Clinton, Our Largest Concrete Installation to Date”,you may not know that we also made the giant Aperiodix tiled wall for the sales office of the same new highrise at One Clinton. Keeping in line with the dynamic concrete design motif featured on the 26th floor of the building, we installed our Aperiodix tiling system in the same “Hills'' iteration here in the office as well. 


The Challenges:

When the client came to us, they mentioned they wanted to pull the architectural elements of the building itself into the sales office to add a level of cohesion. In order to do this, we worked with Studio DB who did the interior design, on creating a full Aperiodix tiled concrete wall and had a steel trim installed around it to create a border surrounding the perimeter of the wall that held the recessed screen. We also created a drop ceiling with downward lighting casting its shine across the undulating surfaces of the tiles so as to highlight their dynamic forms.



The most challenging part of this job was designing a border that would not only look good but that would also function so that the tiles could be installed on a clean and delineated surface without running into the walls or the floor.


The Results:

As the One Clinton development continues to come together, we are really excited at the progress being made and feel honored to be a part of such a stunning project. Combined with the downward light from the drop ceiling, I love how the light-colored, egg-shell tiles really shine and how the design team managed to create something that is eye-catching yet subtle & subdued. 



P.S. One small detail that sets this project apart from others we’ve done in the past is that I hadn’t seen anyone use the tiles as a wall for an inset TV before. Pretty neat!

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