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January 05, 2022 2 min read



The Project:

Last year, Rigg Design reached out to us about a well-known actress that was looking to create a wide open loft space that utilized metal & concrete accents throughout. As you may know, we don’t really deal in metal much & concrete is our jam so we were excited at the prospect of helping bring the client’s vision to life.


In the kitchen, the client was looking for a giant island countertop made of all concrete. What makes this countertop special is its tapered, cantilevered overhang that creates space for stools below where people can sit. Another detail we really liked was the concrete waterfall sides on both ends as it makes the troweled finish more visible. Interestingly enough, this kitchen island counter would have been impossible to create in any other material than concrete. Because of the strength & durability of the medium, we were able to cast this massive 14 foot long countertop on site and all in one piece. 


For the bathrooms, the job called for a lot of concrete, and I mean A LOT. The client wanted a single material to be used for all the walls & floor, including in the showers. As you can see in the photos, we applied the concrete liberally throughout creating this striking, powerful space that still manages to feel homey & inviting. 


We really love the way everything came together for this job because it really shows the range of our studio and the different things we can create given our vast array of skills & capabilities. We feel the bathroom especially serves as a great example of how troweling can manage to make what would otherwise be a very cold, brutalist bathroom feel chic and modern instead. The enduring quality of concrete is also something we are very passionate about as well - these pieces and spaces we create are built to last for generations & their minimal look allows them to be refreshed & styled differently even as trends change over time. 



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