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March 05, 2023 1 min read


Last Summer we had the opportunity to work on a project with Nicholas Obeid, a multi-faceted furniture and interior designer based in NYC. Nicholas was designing for Isle of Us, a new cafe-marketplace on the Upper East Side. He had a strong design vision of some ‘pieced stone’ concrete tabletops. His design deck had references to the work of Jacques Avoinet and we immediately knew that we wanted to be involved. 

Nicholas and Lisle Richards, owner of Isle of Us, went to a local stone yard and sourced several large pieces of stone that they wanted to use in the design configuration of the tabletops. They came over to the studio and together, we spent a full day breaking the slabs of stone up into smaller geometric shapes. Nicholas and Lisle meticulously arranged the stones to their liking before we started pouring concrete. It is always an honor when designers want to come and work with us directly on projects. These types of experiences always feel more collaborative and special. The end results of communal design and fabrication practice are always so rewarding. 

Isle of Us opened late last year and we were thrilled to finally see the tables in situ. Not surprisingly, Nicholas and Lisle did an amazing job on the overall design of the cafe. The tables look perfect in their space and we could not be more satisfied with how this project turned out.

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