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January 04, 2023 1 min read


We're excited to announce that Oso Industries is opening a showroom space next to our existing workshop at 1205 Manhattan Ave, Suite 1-1-3, Brooklyn, NY 11222!




We invite interior designers, architects, real estate developers, construction managers and any other type of specifier to schedule an appointment to see our product line including our vast library of concrete samples, finishes and other designs. During these appointments, we can discuss our services and capabilities in greater detail and provide 1-on-1 design and fabrication consultation for you and your project.


Are you a designer looking to create custom concrete installations or architectural elements for retail spaces, hospitality, or other commercial locations? We have nearly 20 years of experience in the field and can bring your vision to life. Our team of skilled craftsmen and artists values craftsmanship and understands the importance of the design process and the artistry that goes into every project. We offer a variety of services, including cast in place, pre-cast, troweled surfaces, and tiles, and can create custom pieces to suit your needs. 


At Oso Industries, we look at concrete through an artistic lens and push the boundaries of design with elegant and innovative ideas. Don't miss this opportunity to see what we have to offer and schedule your appointment today. 


Contact us at info@osoindustries.com or call us directly at 347-987-4526 to set up a time to visit the showroom. We look forward to working with you!"



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