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September 18, 2021 2 min read



The Project:

There’s always been a certain standard of quality we seek to meet with all of our work. When it comes to residential projects however, there’s added pressure to deliver knowing that the client will likely be spending a great portion of their lives interacting with what we create in our studio.



One such project came about in the summer of 2018 - a new residence in Florham Park, NJ had a vision for their master bedroom space with an attached minimalist bathroom and closet space. The entire bathroom was to be made in concrete and the rooms’ materials had to flow from one into the other by featuring various concrete accents throughout.



 The Challenges:

Having ample experience with a variety of complex troweling techniques, we were no strangers to the idea of using concrete all over the place. The idea of creating a space that would showcase how concrete could be utilized in a luxurious manner really excited us since it directly aligned with one of our missions of forging a new identity for the medium. 



There were several custom one-off pieces we created specifically for this project and with them came significant design challenges. There was a curved trough sink that had to be mated to the cabinet and a wedge-shaped bench which featured a combination of both straight and more curved lines.



There was also a custom-made, changing bench which was constructed as a single, curved & faceted piece where none of the planes were symmetrical. As a result, many of the pieces of the mold had to be made by hand in our studio.



The floors were rendered in a fine, hand-troweled concrete finish that covers a hydronic radiant heating system for added comfort and an added luxurious touch. All of the walls in the project also received a hand-troweled finish and featured intricate curves and unorthodox angles which made it challenging to keep crisp lines. Did I mention we did this project in the heat of the summer and it was HOT!?



The Results:

Going from the design to the build out phase of the project, this bathroom had several pieces in the design where the architect, Brad Jenkins wasn't sure if they would even be feasible. After a series of conversations and correspondence, we assured everyone involved that everything being proposed would in fact, be achievable after we had managed to figure out a number of technical challenges behind it. We look forward to being involved in more projects like this one in the near future!



About the Companies Involved:

Brad Jenkins is a full-service design firm  based in Morristown, NJ since 1993 supporting client-partners beginning with the initial design concept phase through the implementation and construction management phases.



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