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October 19, 2021 2 min read





The Project:

In 2014, we were tasked with helping create the first New York location for Surface to Air, a French creative collective that’s produced everything from music videos to restaurants. It was in a 2,300-square-foot space that put the group’s clothing collection on full display. Previously available at Barneys and Bloomingdale’s, the collective’s line has developed a cult following over the years, particularly for its collaborations with Kim Gordon, Leigh Lezark, and Kid Cudi.



We were approached by SITU Studios who was the design lead on the project and they mentioned that the client wanted to create a display bench that resembled an old WWII bunker from Europe.




The Challenges:

The major challenge of this project was defining the steps of the job and the order in which to complete them. The piece they were looking to create was over 25’ feet in length so we as a studio had to figure out a way to complete the project in sections so that everything would come together properly at the end. At different points of the project, we also had to either shrink or enlarge certain elements of the design in order to not only ensure a proper scale but also to ensure it met the size requirements of the retail space. 



Some characteristics of the design also added to its complexity. First, the client really wanted to achieve a look of weathered concrete like something you would find on an actual World War II bunker that was built by the sea but that had been eroded and stained from 75+ years of being out in the elements. This design preference required making several tweaks to the mold in order to achieve the desired look. The miniature bunker also needed to feature the client’s logo embedded on the front so we decided to laser cut a piece of plastic and cast around it to get it there. 




The Results:

Once the project was completed, we were thrilled to find the client happy with the work. The miniature bunker was featured in much of the brand’s promotional materials and even though the store has since closed, we are still very proud of the work we were able to do for Surface to Air. Having completed jobs for brands such as Balenciaga, Saturday’s & more, we look forward to helping the next generation of brands build out their dream storefront. 



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